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Intelligent SW Adoption

Today (Jan 9th, 2024)The positioning of the offers in CX Cloud is suboptimal.

To request an ACCs through CX Cloud the customer must

1. Go to the lifecycle tile,

2. Choose the right lifecyle stage.

3. Find the specific task they want to complete.

4. and click on a small arrow that only shows up when u hover over the right side of the portal

5. Then Cisco and Partner ACCs to show up!

ST is supposed to be a service that supports software adoption. Accelerators should be put in front of the customers.

On CX Cloud there is no connection between the data displayed and SW adoption. There are "simple" things that can be done to drive customer adoption.

For example:

If we know the customer has many different SW versions for the same PID put a an ACC recommendation in the Today page. That logic applies to Campus and maybe even Data Center. We need something to point them to the use case that helps remediate those issues and the available ACCLs (Cisco and Partner) for that use case to remediate that problem.

Not sure how "simple" to implement it is, but the logic is simple, with SW versions, vulnerabilities, etc if a customer has 3+ versions for the same device family or any critical vulnerabilities point them to the ACCLs about Sofware image management (Use case: Campus Network Automation in Campus Network, or ).

That can add a lot of ST value while driving software adoption, CSS utilization and even Partner profitability.

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  • Jan 9 2024
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